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The programme is currently obtainable by attending a 3-day training course. There are dates available and the cost to individuals is £500.


For those organisations wishing to train all staff (which we highly recommend) we can come to you, deliver on your premises and adapt our delivery by working in partnership with you. The cost is £5,600.

We strongly advocate organisations joining forces and working in partnership. The cost could be shared out if you choose to work co-operatively with two or more other organisations.

If you are a small voluntary sector organisation and are interested in the training and the programme please contact Anne direct.
We would ask managers to ensure all staff who will be delivering this material attend as this promotes quality delivery and higher standards of safety.


These courses are in demand at the moment, mostly by children's centres and organisations which work with families, both charitable and statutory. It is essential that organisations and staff are clear about responsible implementation of the programme, and the environment in which it should be delivered


We would expect any organisation we train to be a functioning part of a co-ordinated community response to domestic violence and sexual violence, and to be using a recognised risk assessment procedure. We would also insist that partner safety services were in place.

We would also recommend that anyone considering attending the training or considering engaging in delivery of Becoming Respectful must have a good working knowledge of the dynamics of abuse and how these dynamics work in the process of abuse.
We can also help with awareness raising in this area of work, including MARAC training. We are able to help you with any obstacle that stands in your way!

The longest journey begins with a single step..........