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'Becoming Respectful' is a programme for people who are abusive and violent towards an intimate partner with a focus on motivational and strengths-based techniques and learning tools..


The programme covers all aspects of abusive behaviour, including how the abuse affects parenting.


Exercises and dialogue are designed to help the participant understand the components of a positive, respectful and nurturing relationship. Participants are also helped to understand the life-long benefits of change to themselves, their partners, and their children, as well as being provided with the skills to implement change and manage risk.

Through the programme, the participant will explore their experiences, and utilise them to reflect on the abusive relationship, and the ways in which culture and community influences their thinking. Participants are supported in developing understanding and motivation towards trusting, respectful and supportive relationships with their partners and families.


The methods and content fully utilise the skills and experience of the facilitator. Through the medium of an engaging, thought-provoking and respectful relationship with the participant, the facilitator will decide which session is the most appropriate to start with, how long to spend on each exercise or session, and when to introduce risk reduction skills. The method promotes programme integrity and responsivity through the expertise of the facilitator. For more information about the programme delivery see "our little cotton socks"


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