the longest journey begins

One day, when delivering training,
It became clear that there was a startling gap in provision of one-to-one work with abusive individuals.


The group were discussing the benefits and disadvantages of group work, and the general feeling was that for many abusive individuals, this was not effective, or that the men had not been properly prepared for the group experience. That night, Becoming Respectful began its journey….


Anne Haynes developed the concept and designed Becoming Respectful. Anne has worked with abusive men, programme design development and implementation for over 20 years. She has designed and developed training courses for organisations and staff wishing to implement this work both in the criminal justice system (for convicted men) and in the community (for unconvicted men) who are usually but not always presenting a lower risk to the public (a partner is a member of the public).

Anne has campaigned tirelessly for the implementation of programmes for abusive individuals in order to refocus the responsibility of the abuse onto the perpetrator who has traditionally remained invisible in our systems. Currently, it is often the victim who is expected to manage their situations and the dangers they and their children face. This programme helps those who use abusive behaviour confront what they have done, and become accountable for their actions.


Programmes such as Becoming Respectful help communities enable the abuser to take responsibility for his/her actions, thereby reducing the risk to the partner and children.

Anne is co-director of Sea Change along with Jodie Das and Tess Biddington both of whom have contributed towards the programme content. There are also contributions from Des Grant.


Sea Change is a leader in consultancy and training for domestic abuse issues. All Sea Change training takes into account the thinking and behaviour of the abuser in the context of the family dynamics. The question "how/why does he do it?" will be answered by attending any of their training events. For more information see

The longest journey begins with a single step.........